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Discover STEBOCHIP's revolutionary Tesla key fob - the perfect symbiosis of efficiency, style and state-of-the-art technology. Our ergonomic design combines functionality and aesthetics, making the key fob an indispensable accessory for your everyday life.

With innovative NFC technology, STEBOCHIP enables a seamless vehicle access experience. Trade in bulky keys for our elegant and efficient solution and experience the future of car access.


We are proud to present the Stebo Chip X01. Our innovative technology and attractive design give your key an unmistakable touch. The Stebo Chip Y01 is the perfect companion for everyone who values individuality and style. We cordially invite you to let our new chip convince you and experience a seamless and appealing user experience.

Our technology

The NFC (Near Field Communication) chip is a small, sophisticated microchip. In Tesla vehicles, the NFC chip is used as a keyless entry system, allowing the driver to unlock and start their vehicle. The chip, typically embedded in a key card or smartphone, communicates with the vehicle's NFC reader for a convenient and secure access experience. Thanks to NFC technology, Tesla owners can enjoy a seamless and effortless driving experience that makes car ownership even more enjoyable and convenient.

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